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About Refinishing                                 

Bathtub Refinishing (also known as Re-Surfacing or Reglazing), has been around for over 25 years.  The products, equipment, and techniques have improved dramatically, though.   Today, Refinishing provides such a high gloss, durable finish that most people cannot tell the difference between a refinished and new tub! 

Refinishing is the most economical and efficient way to revitalize your bathroom, at a fraction of the costs for replacing your tub or other fixtures  (see below a comparison of Refinishing versus Replacement).

If your tub is old, impossible to clean, damaged, or you just want to redecorate and change the color, you owe it to yourself to see how much you can save, money we're sure you can use elsewhere!

Now, you can realize similar savings by Refinishing tile, shower enclosures, counter tops, & more.  See our Services list for more details.

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Comparison Estimate

 REPLACE (Std 5' Tub)


 $800 - Removal

$300 - Prep, Refin, Caulk

 $275 - New Tub (white)  
 $350 - Plumbing  
 $550 - Wall Tile  
 $375 - Floori, Paint, Etc.  
 $$2350 - Total Replace  $300 - Total Refinish
 Downtime:  1-2 weeks  Downtime:  Under 24 hrs

Prices vary based on tub size, conditions, replacement requirements, and market.  The Florida market is one of the lowest nationwide for refinishing of tubs, tile, & counter tops!

Did You Know ...

that the old cast iron tubs keep the bath water warmer, for a longer period of time!   Just another good reason to consider refinishing.   Not only is it costly to replace that old tub, but the new one may not function as well!

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