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Below are some Photos of work recently completed by Bath Works.  The "Before" is shown, and the "After" can be viewed by moving your mouse over the photos.  Next to each are descriptions of the project.

This customer wanted to add tile to the walls, but not replace the tub for cost savings.   Bath Works recommends completing the construction work prior to refinishing, to avoid damaging the refinished tub surface.  All rust damage in the tub was repaired and was then refinished in Bone color.  Grout and caulk will finish the job!

A very common problem with these old vanities is the deterioration of the sink.  I often cracks and flakes away over time, leaving a rough, difficult or even impossible to clean, area in the sink.  In general, the overall surface dulls with time as well.  But with the sink molded in, options are limited to replacing the enitre vanity top, or our preferred method - Refinishing.  This unit was refinished in Jadestone, with a low gloss clear topcoat.   Cost was approximately 1/3 the cost to replace!

Does this Vanity top look familiar?   This marbled formica was a popular look at one time, but not so stylish in 2008.   For a fraction of the cost to replace, you can have a stone like finish, in one day!  Note:  sink does not have to be removed.  Counter Tops will have the same durable topcoat as other fixtures, but in a satin, or low gloss finish, giving them a less reflective and more natural stone like look.   

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This kitchen was in very nice condition, but counter and sink were worn and outdated.   The original white sink was refinished in a "bone" color prior to completing the counter top in a stone-like finish (see detail of Finish in bottom left corner).  The customer was provided with a few options, but chose this combination which looked fantastic.  Even though it was the most expensive refinish option presented to the customer, it was less than a third of the cost to replace this counter and sink with a similar sink and Formica counter top!

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This customer "hated" the floor of the shower, the small tile look, the dirty and damaged grout lines.  However, budget was an issue, and the blue wall tile matched other fixtures in the bathroom.   Bath Works had a solution!  We cleaned and repaired all grout in the floor and one course of tile up (all other grout and tile were OK).   Completing the preparation for refinishing, we masked off just the shower base, primed, and refinished in Bright White.  Customer was very happy with results, and cost savings!

This tub was removed from a trailer home and refinished while the new owner completed some related structural repairs.   Often these enclosures are custom sizes, making them hard to find or just too expensive to replace.  For this owner, the tub spout cutout (on left side wall) was sealed to make it a shower only unit, and it looked brand new when completed.  Bath Works exceeded the customer's expectations - again!

This customer's Old Avocado Green tub was damaged with rust and impossible to clean.  After quoting the job, customer decided not to use the shower doors anymore.  Though not standard, we removed the tracks from tub and walls and cleaned all caulk adhesive during the refinishing process.  Even with years of experience, or maybe because of, you realize every job, every situation , is unique.  With our experience, Bath Works can resolve most problems with confidence and quality.  Customer was very happy with result.


Customer called and said "We found the perfect sink, but it's not the color we want.  Can you help"?   "Of course Bath Works can help" was our reply.  The customer loved this cast iron, beige sink, but wanted it in Battleship Gray.  It also had surface damage and a few chips along the edges.   "Here you go, like new"!

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